How To Start Maize Production in Nigeria In 2021


Maize is one of the most consumer food in Nigeria and other countries of the world, aside from human consumption, maize is the main ingredient of almost all poultry birds.

Maize can be processed into several foods like pap, it also the main ingredient of numerous food and sacks companies like cornflake, and others.

Maize farming is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria and other countries of the world because it is simple and easy to cultivate, and maintain, you don’t any special training or degree in agriculture before you can invest in maize production in Nigeria.

If you want to invest in maize farming in Nigeria in 2021, then you need to read this informative blog post to the end.


How To Start Maize Production in Nigeria In 2021

Business Plan

Before you start any business including agricultural business, you need to write proper and accurate business plan, if you don’t know what business plan is.

Business plan is a formal written document that contain all your business goals, and the strategy of achieving it within a targeted time-frame.

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You can hire business developers, or expect in maize farming business to write maize production business plan for you, if you can’t write proper business plan by yourself.


Register Your Business

If you want to start your maize production on a large scale, then you need to register your business with the CAC, business registration will also increase your chance of getting loan from numerous financial institutions in Nigeria.

You don’t need business registration, if you are not starting this farming business on a large scale.


Choose Your Maize Production Farmland


When it comes to agricultural business, choosing a land is very important, because your success depends on it, if you plant your corn in the wrong farmland, or the land that is not suitable for maize, it won’t grow properly and it will affect your harvest negativity. Make sure you do proper research before choosing a farmland for your maize farming business.

There are numerous things to put in consideration before choosing a farmland for your maize farming, these includes;

  • Soil Type
  • Weather
  • Water Supply
  • Good Road for Transportation
  • Security and more.

Prepare Your Farmland

Farmland preparation is next after picking the right farmland for your maize farming, you need to clear the farmland, make seedbed, plough the land and add manure if it is needed.

Make sure you plant your corn seed immediately, after plant preparation.

Plant The Right varieties Of Corn

There are numerous varieties of corn, always do proper research before you invest your money in any varieties of corn, because the better the corn the best your harvest, if you plant bad corn, your harvest will be poor.

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These are quality corn or maize varieties for early season planting in Nigeria;

  • Yellow Open-Pollinated Varieties
  • White Open-Pollinated Varieties
  • White hybrids and more.

While, these are quality corn varieties for late season planting in Nigeria.

  • Yellow Open-Pollinated Varieties
  • White-open pollinated varieties
  • Popcorn or White Pop and more.

Plant Your Seed

There are two major seasons for maize planting in Nigeria; the early season and also late season.

The early season, if your land is located in the rain forest zone, the right time for maize planting is from 15 March to 1 April, or immediately the rainfall started.


The last season planting, always took place between August 1-15 of every year.

Control Pest And Diseases

Disease and pest control is one of the most important aspect in all farming business including maize farming, there are numerous chemicals that you can use to prevent pest and diseases in your farmland and crops, and other problems of maize production in Nigeria.


Farm Maintenance

Regular farm maintenance is very important for farmers, make sure you always visit your farm at least twice in a week, up root the weed in your farmland regularly, apply fertilizer regularly these will increase your harvest.


After three to four months, sometimes more, your maize would have mature and ready for harvest, depends on the varieties you plant, weather and soil.

Harvest manually, but if you plant in on a large scale then you can use machine like corn-pickers or corn-shellers.


Identify The Maize Market Before Investing

It is very important to research, identify and analysis the maize market before you start your maize production business, this simple process will help you to determine how to sell your farm produce.

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Where are you going to sell your maize?
who is going to buy my maize in the market?
How are you going to sell your maize?
Ask yourself these simple questions and other related ones.

After your market research, you will able to make the right decision either to use middlemen that will get your farm product to the market, or you sell directly to the market, retailer or final consumer.



In Conclusion

Maize farming is one of the most simple and easiest farming in Nigeria, the business is also profitable because you will get return on your investment within three months.

It’s advisable to hire a mentor, farm manager or supervisor, always ask your mentor or farm manager before taking any action on your farmland, this will help you to make less mistake, and also make huge profit on your maize production in Nigeria, there are numerous story about the history of maize production in Nigeria on the internet and why should invest in the business.

If you want to start agricultural business that will make huge profit within short period of time in Nigeria in 2021. Maize production should be your first choice.


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