Mtn Cheapest Data Plans 2020 Latest MTN My Offer How To Get Mtn 1GB N200 code for mtn 1gb n200

How To Get Mtn 1GB N200 And 1.5 GB for Only N300

Mtn Cheapest Data Plans 2020 Latest MTN My Offer How To Get Mtn 1GB N200 code for mtn 1gb n200
How To Get Mtn 1GB N200 And 1.5 GB for N300


Mtn Cheapest Data Plans 2020. Good Day Our Dear Readers,Have you ever imagined having a dream about making money in your dream and even holding in on your hand,but when you wake up you find nothing..
This Is Some How an alternative to it.
In those days you buy small data plans at high rate but now mtn has worked it for you to make it more easier and reliable..

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MTN is becoming competitive when it
comes to cheap data plans have you ever imagined about getting 1.5GB for
N300 and 1GB for N200 on MTN network?

However MTN is up again with another cheap data plan
the new data plan gives you a whooping 1.5GB for N300 and 1GB for N200 and you know what? It’s from MTN network.

With this MTN offer, you can get low-cost data plans starting from 1GB for 200 Naira, 1.5GB for 300 Naira or
even more. It depends on your MTN SIM card. Your SIM
card will determine what offer you will be eligible for.

We have been receiving offers from Airtel but MTN has
decided to use this business strategy to drag back some of their members from its competitors.

This Latest MTN My Offer comes with not only 1GB for N200
Naira, but also other cheap voice calling bundles such
as Data and Voice Bundle N50, Data and Voice Bundle,
Data and Voice Bundle N100, Data and Voice Bundle
N500 Naira.

Mtn 1.5gb for 300

Most of the SIMS we tried has different offers from
MTN, so yours might be different.
Also, some offers like Data and Voice Bundle doesn’t
sim to work at the moment, but the 1GB for N200 has
been confirmed to be 7 days validity.
This should be a very nice offer for all who value the
use of huge data for streaming, browsing and even

Mtn Cheapest Data Plans 2020

Which Platform Can Use This Offer?

The plan works for all devices such as Android, BB10,
iPhone/iPad, Laptops, Windows phone, Symbian and
Java phones and so on.

Does It Select SIM?

Yes, it selects SIM and only works for some registered
user on the network. If you are an old or new user, it
might work.

How To Activate MTN 1GB for N200 and
1.5GB for N300

This offer might be different from every sims.
For example what you might have on your sim is not
what another user will have on his/her own sim
This to say it all depends on the offer your sim is eligible
To know if your SIM card is eligible to receive this offer,
do the following

  • ★ Dial *567# on your phone.
  • ★ You’ll get a list of all the available data offer your
    sim is eligible for.
  • ★ Then you can proceed and subscribe to any plan
    you’re subjected to.
  • ★ Check if you have Option 4 where the offer will be
  • ★ If you do, subscribe and dial *131*4# to check
  • That’s all you have to do.
    Note: This offer works on very few MTN sim card.Please don’t go out there and say we post fake tutorials, because many people are fund of doing this, but i know you reading this have a good mind..
    Anyway, your sim card may be part of the lucky sim card. You just need to dial the above ussd code to see if you are eligible for it. There is no harm in trying it out.


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