Revix Review – Is Revix Scam or Legit Find out

Revix Review Is Revix Scam or Legit? , Read from beginning To the ending To know if Revix is legit or scam.

Revix Review – Is Revix Scam or Legit

Revix Review – Is Revix Scam or Legit Find out

Revix is a company that helps you diversify your investment into many different crypto assets.

Think of this as an app that lets you invest in the stock market but for crypto.

One thing Revix talks about is how their crypto bundles are like the S&P 500 for crypto which lets you invest in the top
crypto assets.

Revix offers investment opportunities in crypto currencies where you can invest in multiple crypto at once.

This is like all the apps and websites you see for stocks where gives you the ability to buy and sell.

When it comes to crypto, you can invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, PAX Gold, the Top 10 Bundle, Smart Contract Bundle and Payment Bundle.

Revix Review Bonus

  • Sign up – 5 rewards points valued at £0.50
  • Verify – 5 rewards points valued at £0.50
  • First Investment – 10 reward points valued at £1.00
  • Next Investment – 5 rewards points valued at £0.50
  • Refer A New Member – 150 reward points valued at £15.00
  • Google Review (Only One Allowed) – 20 reward points valued at £2.00
  • Survey Complete (Max Two) – 20 reward points valued at £2.00
  • Revix Referral Program

    For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern, all company wants to promote its product, app or
    site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

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    Revix does have an affiliate program, but it’s not your typical MLM style type where it pays people a commission.

    Revix gives you RR points which is their rewards points when you refer people into their program.

    Revix Levels

  • Blue – no requirements but offers no benefits.
  • Silver – earned 200 Revix points, receives 10% off trading fees
  • Gold – earned 500 Revix points, receives 20% off trading fees and dedicated account manager
  • Platinum – earned 1,000 Revix points, receives t- shirt, 35% off trading fee’s and account manager
  • VIP – earned 5,000 Revix points, receives t-shirt, cap, hoodie and 50% off trading fees
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    Is Revix Legit

    The found and CEO of Revix is Sean Andrew Sanders.

    In the past he has worked at Venture Capital firm Knife capital.

    Other things he worked as is a tech analyst, and General Pacific Management services as a portfolio manager.

    Sean Andrew Sanders as also founded 3 different start-ups which include Sataya, Blocktree Capital and Application Portal.

    Is Revix Scam

    Revix is incorporated under the company name Revix UK Limited and has an address: Hatherley House, 15-17 Wood
    Street, Barnet, Herts, United Kingdom, EN5 4AT..Which says it belongs to Conance LTD.

    Now on their website their UK address is: Senna Building : 97 Hackney Road E2 8JF, London United Kingdom.

    Why the disconnect between those addresses is unknown? The South African address Equinox Building 154 Main Rd,
    Sea Point 8005, Cape Town South Africa has a bunch of businesses in that building.

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    The biggest concern I have is the addresses are not lining up and for a company that is in the crypto space which is plagued with so many scams, this needs to be addressed.

    Conclusion : Revix Review

    This all you need to know about Revix

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