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11 Killer Best Technical Seo Tips For All Bloggers

best technical seo for wordpress best technical seo for blogger best technical seo tips on page seo off page seo legitvibez

Technical Seo


Best Technical Seo for wordpress And Blogger

Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger As you may have come to know from the name itself, in this blog post we will know the Full Technical Seo Guide for wordpress and blogger.

So before knowing that Technical Seo I The best way to ranking. First of all I want to clear one thing.

Within some people, misconceptions about Technical Seo come, as in the name of whom, many people think. That we have to do very difficult task of Coding or inside it.

But there is nothing like Technical Seo is also a type of SEO like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO.

Now we know what is Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger.
Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger

What Is Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger?

What Is Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger?

Technical Seo is also a type of SEO as I told you above . In this, we are to check our website and User Experiance and optimize it.

Now you must be thinking that how is checking our website and user experience is under Technical Seo .

So it does not matter that we will know fully how to improve the performance of a website as well as the experience of the user with the help of Technical Seo .

So that whatever user comes to our website, there is no problem in using our website and its experience is good.

Also, Technical Seo also helps our website to be Crawled By Google Effectively.

This means that if the Technical Seo of our website is good, then Google does not face any problem in crawling our website.

Technical Seo I use a lot of work or key techniques which we will see in our blog.

It is very important for us to understand the work of Search Engine to understand Technical Seo well. That is how he crawls our website. And what is Crawl?

What is crawling?

So Crawl or Crawling is a process by Google, which is done by Google’s web crawler.

how search engine work

Crawlers are a type of Google Bots that Crawl any website. And this process is called Crawling.

The job of these Crawlers is to index our website in Google’s database or server by crawling our website.

How search engine work for ranking

This Cwebsite crawler checks every link and Crawl all the pages of a website by crawling from one link to another.
Search Engine working Indexing Crawling ranking

What Is Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger

Ok now that we have understood the work of search engine, now it is our time to know what is Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger.

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Whenever we make a website. So Search Engine and users come to our website, Search Engines Crawl our website with the help of Crawler.

So we have to pay attention that the user or search engine Crawler who came to our website has no problem of any kind to Crawl our web page or read it.

If the Crawler is having a problem in crawling the website or blog, then solve it and correct it again. Or that making it Crawlable is a small part of Technical Seo.

And if the user is facing any problem while reading our website, then it is also the job of Technical Seo to correct it and correct that problem.

There are many other Technical Seo work that we will follow in this blog.

If we put it in other words. That Solve those errors or problems that occur due to On Page, and Off Page Optimization in our website, as well as performing some Extra Optimization Technique to rank your website is called Technical Seo.

Ok now we will know about the Elements of Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger, what are the techniques we use in Technical Seo.

Technical Seo Techniques for wordpress and blogger, first of all I would like to tell you about WWW / n on WWW Redirect. What is URL redirection

1. WWW/n on WWW & Http to Https Redirections:

In this redirection, we check that which is our website. She is getting redirected correctly or not.

This means that we will check our website URL by putting it in a different version in the search engine to correctly redirect it to our main domain which we have set in the permalink of our website. No.

If all the versions of the URL are not opening in the same Permalink or are getting an error like Website Not Found, then it means that our website is not redirected correctly and we have to correct it.

Different version of the website is given below:

Here my final URL is , if all the above URLs open in my final URL then it means that Redirection is working properly in my website.

2. SSL Certificate:

Along with redirection, we have to check whether the website has an SSL certificate or not.

SSL is a Security Protocol, which provides End to End Protection to our website. So that our website remains secure. And no one can change the communication or data transfer between our website and user.
SSL HTTPS security protocol Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger

If your website does not have an SSL certificate, you can either take it from your Domain Name Provider or Key Hosing Provider.

So you can get SSL Certificate Free from Cloudflare.

3. Mobile Friendliness:

In this Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger , we have to check whether our website is Mobile Responsive or not.

This means that your website, many times it opens in desktop and laptop correctly, but its designing does not work properly in mobile. mobile friendly checker also helps SEO for wordpress and blogger.

And since Google’s Mobile Index First and Mobile Responsive Updates have come since then, if your website does not open properly in mobile, then the ranking of your website can be lost.

Also, if your website is not Mobile Responsive, then the chances of your website being ranked decrease completely.

If you want to check your website’s Mobile Friendliness, then you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly-Test Tools

4. HTML and XHTML Validation:

As you all know, our website is made up of code like HTML and XHTML. Yes, even if your website is for wordpress, the coding of the code that is in its backend is made up of HTML and XHTML.

Therefore, there are chances of error in this, if you tamper with the code of your WordPress website, then there is a possibility of error in it.
html and XML Checker technical seo for wordpress and blogger.

Therefore, we use HTML and XHTML Validation Tools to find out if there is any error in the HTML and XHTML Code of our website.

5. W3C CSS Validation:

Yes, just as you do validation of HTML and XHTML Validation , in the same way your website CSS Validation is also used, which you can use the W3C CSS Validation Tool to check that your website’s CSS is used correctly.
W3 css validation Technical Seo for wordpress

You can implement CSS. If you add CSS Code to your WordPress website, first of all you should check it using W3C CSS Validation Tools to see if it is working properly in your website or it is competitive for your website. or not.

6. Speed Optimization:

Many of you will know that we also do Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčOptimization on On Page Optimization. Yes, we do, but many times it happens that when we create a blog or website, the speed of our website is correct at that time.

But after some time the speed of our website and blog suddenly decreases.

Then we have to optimize the speed of our website or blog post so that our website can open on the Internet quickly so as to help google crawlers.

A lot of people will have a question here, what should be the Open Time or Load Time of a good website.

So there is no fix time, but the shorter the loading time of your website, the better it is for your website.

And if you ask still what should be the best time, then I would say if your website is loaded within 2.5 second then it is very good for your website or blog.

But if the loading time of any website is more than 3.5 Second, then that website needs to optimize the speed.

Because in today’s time, anyone clicks on a link and if it is 3 Sec. If it takes more than eight people out of 10 leave that link or do not click on that link again.

Therefore you must have understood how important it is for you to optmize website speed.

You can check the speed of your website with the help of the tools given below.

  • GTMetrix
  • Pingdom
  • 7. Check If Your Website Is Crawlable:

    For this, the first thing you need to do is to Ensure that your website should be submitted to a Webmaster Bing or Google Search Console.

    If your website is not submitted in Webmaster tools, then what you will have to submit it, you will have to go to Google and search by typing Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster.

    The result that will come in it, you have to go to the website of Google Search Console, you have to simply register and enter the URL of your website, after this you have to Ok.
    Google Search console

    It will give you an HTML code so that you will have to enter the Header section of your website and after that you can come back to Google Search Console and verify it.

    And your Google Search Console will be created.

    After this, whenever you write your new blog or create a web page, you have to inspect it Bing Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console immediately after being published first.
    url inspection Technical Seo

    If you are inspecting that blog or web page for the first time, then you will have to request to index it in Google Search Console and after some time your blog will be registered in Google Webmaster.

    So this whole process is how you can insert your website, blog or web page in Google Webmaster as well as how you can register your website in Google Webmaster.

    Now whether your website is Crawlable or not, what you need to do for it is simple, you have to go to Google Browser and with this {Strings}, you have to enter the URL of your website’s blog or web page without HTTPS and www. Search has to be done.

    How To Check If Website Is Crawled

    If your website comes in Google’s search result, then it means that your website or blog has been crawl by Google and it has been indexed in Google.

    8. Robots.txt:

    You people must have felt from its name that it would be a robot which we would have to keep in our website.

    But this is not the case at all. The Robots file or Robots.txt file is a very simple code that we write on Notepad.

    This code is not very big, there is some line code in which we tell Search Console which part of our website has to be crawl and which part is not to be crawl.

    Now you people must be wondering why we would not like to have any part of the website Crawl.

    So let me tell you that there are many such important things in the website that we do not want Search Console to index by crawling it and it becomes public.

    Therefore, with the help of Robots.txt file, we tell the webmaster that which data or key or page or part of our website is to be crawled only.

    Robot.txt file is very important file for our website because sometimes it happens that if there is no Robot File Submit in our website, due to that many times there can be issue of Duplicate Content or Key Duplicate Page in our website. .

    Below you will find the form of Robot.txt File, if your website does not have Robot.txt File, then you can also generate your website in the same way by generating Robots.txt with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin or Rankmath Seo Plugin.

    Best Robots.txt for WordPress

    User-agent: *

    Disallow: /cgi-bin/

    Disallow: /wp-admin/

    Disallow: /archives/

    Disallow: /comments/feed/

    Disallow: /Tag/

    Disallow: /index.php

    Allow: / User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile

    Allow: / Sitemap:

    Best Robots.txt For Blogger

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /blog_this.pyra
    Disallow: /comment.g
    Disallow: /comment-iframe.g
    Disallow: /create-blog.g
    Disallow: /delete-comment.g
    Disallow: /email-post.g
    Disallow: /followers.g
    Disallow: /post-edit.g
    Disallow: /profile-find.g
    Disallow: /rearrange
    Disallow: /share-post.g
    Disallow: /share-post-menu.g

    9. Duplicate Content:

    Most websites have an issue normal problem of duplicate content, but sometimes the ranking of your website can cause a huge loss due to this problem.

    Usually, such problem comes from using Title, Meta Discription, or the same type of content in the website. The Webmaster sleeps like a Duplicate Content flag.

    But the problem increases when you use the same content again and again on many of your blog posts. Or that you use someone else’s Copy Content in your blog.

    Then google Confuse that what is your Orignal Content and what content or URL should it index.

    To avoid such a situation, you have some measures which I am telling you here.

    First, you use the Robot.txt file in your website, which I have told you above.

    Secondly, by using the Conical Tag in your website, you can tell the webmaster that your URL is absolutely unique.

    What will happen to this is that if the same kind of Meta or Key Title has been inserted in any of your two blogs, but you have secured its URL with the help of Canonical Tag, then the webmaster will understand that these two blogs are different from you.

    To use Canonical Tag, you can use Yoast SEO Plugin, so when you optimize any blog or page with the help of Yoast SEO Plugin, you get an Advance Option in Yoast Plugin where you can use your webpage or key Caninical set of blog.

    10. Broken link Checkup:

    This is also a very important Techniques of Technical Seo for blogger.

    A Broken link is a link that is inserted in our website, or that Broken link is a link to one of our internal pages.

    Or there may be an Outbond Link that we have inserted in our website.

    Let’s talk about how this Broken link is created first.

    So what happens is that we often make some pages or blogs in our website and link them to one of our blogs.

    And after some time it happens that we have to delete that webpage or blog that we created.

    Then what happens that we have linked that page earlier, that link page is available in our page but we have deleted that page or blog.
    broken link checker Technical Seo for blogger

    Because of this, whenever someone clicks on that link, then they cannot access our Targeted Page because we have deleted it.

    The same thing happens with the same Outbond Link, many times we give a link to a website on our website that either closes or that it deletes its blog or page that we have in our website Is linked.

    In such a situation, if our user clicks on that link, then he does not get that Targeted Page and error comes in it.

    Let me tell you one thing, the Broken link does not only affect the user but also our Webmaster because when our Webmaster is crawling our website, blog and content, then he goes from link to link. And in the same way he crawls our entire website.

    But when a Crawler gets a Broken link, he is not able to Crawl any further and returns from there, due to this many times our Internal Page Crawl is not possible.

    Due to which our website gets ranked down.

    If you want to check Broken link in your website, then with the help of Check My Link Broken link Checker Tools given below, you can check Broken link in your website.

    Bonus: Yes, for you we have some Bonus and Advanced Technical Tips for you, which I tell in my Advanced SEO Master Class Course, I am showing you here an Advanced Topic which we call Sitemap .

    11. Sitemap:

    Yes, there is also the text of Best Technical Seo Tips for wordpress in Sitemap, Sitemap is basically the technical structure of your website, which you have to submit to Google Search Console or any webmaster.

    With Sitemap, Google search console makes it very easy to understand the structure of your website, so it can quickly crawl your website.

    And also likes your website a lot if your website has a Sitemap inserted in it.
    Yoast seo generated xml sitemap Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger

    Now you must be wondering what happens in this side, then what is on the side is an HTML or XML file.

    Which you can generate Sitemap of your website through Plugin or some websites and submit it by going to Sitemap Option inside your webmaster.
    xml sitemap Technical Seo for blogger

    There are many types of Sitemaps.

    If you want to learn Sitemap and Advanced Technical Seo in Detail, then you can enroll in our Advanced SEO Master Class Course.
    Advanced SEO Master Class

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    So friends, you just read Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger in a lot of detail in this blog in which we talked about what is Best Technical Seo Tips for wordpress.

    This blog is here to help in terms of Technical Seo for wordpress and blogger Guide. And to know how Technical Seo affects our website.

    At the same time, in this blog I told you, whatever technical error is coming in your website, how to solve it, which will be very useful for you.

    Technical Seo is also a very important part of SEO. Just as you do On Page SEO, Off Page SEO in your website, in the same way, it is very important to continue to implement Technical Seo in your website.

    Because no matter how good your website is, but when technical error comes in it, the ranking of your website does not increase.

    Request: Friends, I bring all the information for you through hard work and research, it is my own Practical Implementation, but still if you feel that I have missed some things somewhere because I am also the same human like you. And it is appropriate to be at fault with Human Being.

    So that’s why you can share your suggestions with us in Comment, I would love to read your comment.

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